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We were privileged to participate

Over the course of 3 days spanning the last days of May and the first days of April 2023, Meribah Flow was privileged to have been able to participate in a gathering of Financial Administrators from across Catholic and Ukrainian diocese and eparchies in Canada.

The hospitality was terrifically warm, the official presentations were highly informative, but the greatest value came from all the side conversations at dinner and on the tour bus, as they invariably do at these gatherings.

We'll never forget the camaraderie between these great stewards entrusted with the financial well-being of our beloved Church in Canada and pray that our presentation on a consolidated Diocesan Data Platform was useful to the attendees as they contemplate the future of constituent data in their respective diocese and eparchies.

This group picture is from our stop at a bee farm that served some incredible honey-laced baked goods and coffees.

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