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Everything you need in one place

Salesforce's Customer 360 architecture is built around the idea that, first and foremost, our business is to work with and serve people - not processes, spreadsheets, or task lists (as important as those are!). Our aim is to give you the tools and information you need to engage with individuals, families, and communities in the most personable, knowledgable, and professional way possible.

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Find anything, faster

An AI-powered, global search engine means you can find anything you need, faster! At the same time, Salesforce's powerful and granular Security & Visibility settings ensure users will only be able to search for and see records they should have access to, nothing more.

Access your data on any device

Given that CRM is a cloud-based solution, there is no need to stay tethered to your desk! On the road visiting a parish coordinator?  Running an RSVP event in the deanery next door? Salesforce's mobile app provide the same data access and near-feature parity when compared to browser-based access. 

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Automate to-dos, emails, notifications

Greatly reduce the amount of repetitive administrative effort required of your staff to get their jobs done. Automate those important but routine emails, notifications, and delegated tasks: birthdays & anniversaries, gift acknowledgements, staff & clergy onboarding, policy information check renewal reminders, and more!  

Report on services across programs's Program Management Module (PMM) enables your Ministries to track its various programs and services offered, making reporting on program outcomes much easier. Running complex programs that require custom tracking? We can easily customize PMM to ensure your staff have the full support they need to manage their initiatives.

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Create custom reports and dashboards

Increase actionable insight by consolidating longitudinal fundraising data, parish-reported statistics, and past constituent engagement, by consolidating your data into a platform capable of powerful analysis and beautiful reporting.

Customizable paths and workflows

Leveraging the power of Salesforce automation, MB360 can be tailored to support your organization's unique flow of work, processes, and information. Examples include unique Tax Receipting scenarios, Safe Environment requirements tracking, and Programs & Services requiring multi-staff coordination.   

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