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Our Services

A typical engagement usually consists of the following phases:

(a) an initial discovery process

(b) software setup, configuration, and development

(c) data migration and cleansing

(d) staff onboarding and support

Once an organization is live on the platform, ongoing access to support is often critical. Post-implementation, clients often establish a support contract that guarantees ongoing access to troubleshooting, user assistance, and additional enhancement requests.


  1. Custom Solutions

  2. Systems Integration

  3. Data Migration and Management

  4. Training & Enablement


  1. Client Salesforce Support

  2. Virtual Salesforce Administration

  3. Marketing Automation

  4. Strategic Technology Review 

Expected Investment

Each relationship is different, and the magnitude of the costs depends on the features chosen for implementation and the technical knowledge within each Diocese. For example, a medium-sized Diocese with 250,000 registered parishioners might engage us to implement the Diocesan, Chancery, and Safe Environment applications for a one-time implementation fee of $35,000 - $50,000 and commit to a $2,500 - $5,000 monthly training and support package for a year.

Other clients engage us with more targeted needs: Salesforce Admin coaching, remote Admin services, or advising on Data Security and Privacy concerns. In each case, we always aim to understand your organization's most pressing needs, help you identify what's of highest value to your organization and its constituents, and then work within the budget you can afford.

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