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Why work with Meribah Flow Consultants?
  • End the platform proliferation problem. Our Unified CRM + Pastoral Planning platform replaces disparate databases and file systems.

  • Everything your staff needs in one place. Salesforce’s 360 view means the ability to view a Constituent’s involvement in any ministry, parish, program, or campaign

  • High-context consulting expertise.  We provide consulting based on years of experience in both the Catholic diocesan and enterprise IT sectors.

  • The help you need, when you need it. We offer a full suite of services: Stakeholder Consults, Solution Design, Data Migration, Systems Integration, On-Demand Support, Virtual CRM Administration, and more.

Suite of Applications

Equip your organization to regain control of the complicated realm of constituent data management with the Meribah Flow suite of applications built on top of Salesforce.  We maintain and update the released code-base on a regular basis, informed by real-world experience shared amongst our clients spread across North America.

Each application is available on its own, or as part of a complete implementation.  They all work together to ensure each office on-boarded has access to the latest pertinent information on the Diocesan population.

Chancery Pastoral Planning

We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the intricacies in managing a Chancery database, accounting for foreign religious, assignments and affiliations.  The Chancery package is designed specifically to manage records for all religious in your Diocese.

Parishes and Ministries

Support the work of parish staff and leaders in Catechesis, PREP, Youth & Young Adult, faith formation, leadership training, etc., using the Meribah Flow application which allows for parish-based input of data while consolidating dissemination within the Diocesan data management platform.

Major Event Management

Built for a major event where the administrative team has to track ticket buyers, charitable portions, sponsors, table hosts, preferred seating arrangements, etc., this application can be re-purposed for smaller events as well held in multiple venues.

Charitable Services Management

Maintain database for shelters, meal programs, family services and refugees re-settlement services.

Safe Environment

Leveraging the power of many hands, our Safe Environments package allows for the central Diocesan coordinator to harness the knowledge of parish-based volunteers to maintain currency of information on those working in sensitive ministries.

Communications & Marketing 

Manage e-mail, direct mail and social media campaigns, track open rates, RSVP rates and calculate real-world ROI's from virtual communication methods.

Fundraising & Development

Fundraising is a critical component of Diocesan functions and our Development Office package is designed to efficiently receive, process and report on gifts of every kind.  Tax receipting and even tracking for unique salutations is built into our application.

Tax Receipting

Turn what can be a serious drain of organisational resources into a well-informed automated process that leverages current constituent data to serve the needs of donors at exactly the time they make their requests.

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