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These are the waters of Meribah...

where the sons of Israel contended with the Lord, and he showed himself holy among them.
Numbers 20:13



Built on Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform, MF360 unlocks a single-source-of-truth Pastoral Planning on the Diocesan level.

We offer a deeply-considered pastoral planning platform with integration for all diocesan offices, breaking down information silos for an accurate 360 view of constituents, clergy, and parishes, all while facilitating a single-source-of-truth approach to your data.
Why work with Meribah Flow Consultants?
  • End the platform proliferation problem. Our Unified CRM + Pastoral Planning platform replaces disparate databases and file systems.

  • Everything your staff needs in one place. Salesforce’s 360 view means the ability to view a Constituent’s involvement in any ministry, parish, program, or campaign

  • High-context consulting expertise.  We provide consulting based on years of experience in both the Catholic diocesan and enterprise IT sectors.

  • The help you need, when you need it. We offer a full suite of services: Stakeholder Consults, Solution Design, Data Migration, Systems Integration, On-Demand Support, Virtual CRM Administration, and more.

"Thanks so much for working with passion, enthusiasm and great competence on this project. Its implementation will make a good deal of difference to the life and people of our local Church."

Archbishop J. Michael Miller
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver

What is MF360 + Salesforce?

MF360 is your go-to suite of apps and feature add-ons designed specifically for Catholic diocesan pastoral planning and enablement.

Built on Salesforce's NonProfit Success Pack and designed uniquely for Catholic diocese and archdiocese, MF360 integrates often siloed data from various departments, offices, and parishes into a single-source-of-truth platform, streamlining productivity, reducing unnecessary administrative efforts, and surfacing relevant data to those who can act on it. 


Everything you need in one place

  • Priest and Religious Assignments Tracking

  • Parish and Ministry staff, programs, and profiles

  • Constituent and Parishioner tracking

  • Program Services Tracking

  • Email and Marketing Campaign Tracking

  • Safe Environment Screening Tracking

  • Centralized Donations & Tax Receipting


We make your job easier

  • Consolidate your data into a single location

  • Find anything, faster

  • Access your data on any device, wherever you are

  • Centralize notes and tasks online

  • Create custom reports and dashboards


We make collaborating with parishes easier

  • Keep track of key contacts and lists in one location

  • Give access to parish staff to the data they need

  • Automate emailing of reports to select individuals

  • Track all requests in one place


We make your programs and events better

  • 360 view of event attendees and program applicants

  • Track program participants in one location

  • Monitor and report on services delivered across all programs

  • Automate your to-dos and emails to participants

  • Customizable, guided paths and workflows


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