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Streamline Your Diocesan Data. Empower Your Mission.

Your Diocese’s Relationship Management System

We support your diocese’s move to MF360, a Salesforce-based, all-in-one data management solution built for Catholic Diocese, empowering you to nurture and build your faith community.


Manage all your diocese, parish, and membership involvement information, event data, and donations in one portable, centralized platform.

Donations & Finances

Track and report on donations and gifts more strategically to plan for the future and growth of your faith community and evangelization programs.


Ensure all your church leaders and volunteers have up-to-date certifications to serve and protect your most vulnerable church members.


Maintain accurate sacramental, committee, ministry, human resources, and policy records at the parish and across your diocese.


Optimize how you manage data and report information on church membership, ministry outreach, faith formation, communication, and pastoral planning.

"Thanks so much for working with passion, enthusiasm and great competence on this project. Its implementation will make a good deal of difference to the life and people of our local Church."

Archbishop J. Michael Miller
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver

built on the World's #1 CRM

Built on Salesforce's transformative platform, MF360 harnesses its robust CRM capabilities, seamless integrations, and unmatched scalability, empowering Catholic Diocese to optimize their operations, amplify their impact, and drive positive change in their parish communities.

Meet Your Team of Salesforce Onboarding Experts

We help your diocesan staff with Salesforce onboarding and
implementation, so you can focus on the Church's mission.

Knowledgable &
Passionate Experts

We understand the unique challenges faced by Catholic dioceses, ministries, and parish communities and have developed a suite of solutions and services to improve how and whom you serve using Salesforce.

Database &
FIle System Migrations

Say goodbye to disparate and siloed databases! We support your team in preparing, transforming, and migrating your historical data from multiple systems and files to Salesforce successfully.

Personalized Training &

On-Demand Support

We provide the assistance you need, when you need it. Our goal is to help your team learn how to optimize Salesforce effectively through our personalized training and on-demand support.


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